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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mid-May update

I have a lot to update and, as I haven't collected my thoughts and I'm doing some other stuff as I write this, I'm pretty sure this post will be a mess.

I got two new Nerf guns. Just getting that out of the way first thing. It probably won't come up again.

I'm going to the Dominican Republic this summer on a short-term mission trip. I have many people to thank for supporting me, but I won't do that here lest my sincerity be brought under question.

The house is holding up quite nicely. No major issues of which to speak. We're having two windows (the first of many) replaced tomorrow. It was difficult to choose which two to start with, so we picked one that wouldn't open and one that was about to fall out.

We're seriously loving our property. The creek, the trees, the squirrels and birds... I've been spending my time lately making walking sticks for my friends. The materials are everywhere. Just go outside, look around for a minute, find a stick you like, and there you go. Skin it, sand it smooth, rub in some teak oil and you've got a gorgeous walking stick. I also made a wand for a fellow Harry Potter fan. Good times. Nay! GREAT times.

Ferocious Quarterly is going strong. Head on over and check out issue #3. I'm not in it, but I will say in all honesty that it is beautiful. And if you get off your can and order one soon, you'll get a free poster and Ferocious patch.

Mother's Day was a surprising success at our house. Betsy, who now works part-time for our church, left Sunday morning (because she works... at church... on Sunday mornings...) and I leaped into a mad frenzy, putting into action a plan I had concocted only moments before my wife walked out the door. Gathering wood scraps from around the house (the top of an old buffet, some 4X4s from an old work bench, and some pieces of trim from our basement), I assembled a rough kitchen island, thinking that it would make a good study model. After a few weeks we would know exactly what we liked and didn't like and we would be prepared to go out and find precisely the kitchen island we wanted. Well, Betsy liked the one I made, so she painted it and distressed it with some gel stain and slapped on a few coats of polyurethane and we are apparently going to keep using it until it falls over, which, I'm kind of shocked to discover, might be quite a while.

Also, if you desire, you can follow me on Twitter. I'm 200lb_man.

That's everything I feel like sharing currently.

Thank you,
      Matt Beers

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