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Thursday, August 12, 2010

... or a serious expression in the middle of July...

This is what I did today:

That's right. I took all of my tools off of the pegboard in the garage and have replaced them with Nerf guns. What I have done is so far off the scale of "acceptable behavior for an adult human male" that I'm doing the sensible thing and telling everyone I can. I joke about it being very dorky, but, as I have posted it on Facebook and on this blog as well, I think it's pretty evident that I consider myself the utmost in man-child cool.

As I'm cleaning my closet, I may as well admit to some other childish behaviors. I enjoy Legos. I think Memory is a very difficult game and I get genuinely excited when I do well. I have similar feelings about Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders. Roadrunner cartoons have not yet stopped being hilarious. I love Lucky Charms. I get very frustrated with the federal reserve safes kids' toys are packaged in these days, not because they make my fingers hurt or because they keep me from doing other important grown-up things, but because I WANT THE EFFING TOY! NOW!

I overdo forts.

I overdo snowmen.

I overdo Hot Wheels tracks.

I read kids' books. Sometimes I read them to my kids.

Somehow I managed to find a woman who doesn't mind this kind of behavior... much. I guess I'm just a very lucky little boy.

Was that weird? That was weird. Sorry.

Thank you,
Matt Beers

(UPDATE: There's more Nerf-and-pegboard-y deliciousness HERE.)


  1. I was on to you and how you actually think Memory is difficult. I could see that little sparkle in your eye when you'd get a match. Way to go, Beers.
    Also, I thought that you wrote "I overdo farts." instead of "I overdo forts." Both are true, actually. love you. But not really your rancid farts.

  2. Aaaaaannnd now I have "Annie" songs running through my head. Thanks.

    You know, Eric and I were talking last night about how our generation seems to be re-embracing the toys/games of our childhood now that we have kids. Did our parents go through something like that? I just don't remember.

  3. Oh gosh, I'm really not stupid, I promise. I know that line is from "Peter Pan," not "Annie." Oops.